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Streit's Matzo factory at 148-154 Rivington St. in Manhattan. A family business run by 4th and 5th generation family members of the original founders.

Photos taken over the last few weeks of operation before moving production. Covering four floors of matzo production.

After close to 90 years at this location. The original location which spans 4 tenements buildings and has been owned by the company, has been sold. Mainly due to aging equipment and it being harder to find parts and new ovens and other equipment not being able to fit in the current space, has forced Streits to move their production. They're currently renovating a building at 171 Route 303 that will be used as the bakery’s matzo factory in Orangeburg (Rockland County) NY, which is hopefully slated to open for matzo production in Spring/Summer 2017. Some of the Lower East Side employees are now employed at the company's second factory in Moonachie, NJ. It's where they make the macaroons, soup and matzo ball mixes and other Passover products.
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